‘Nduja and Giardiniera Crostini

Enjoy this casually elegant dish as an appetizer or snack, on a picnic, or as part of a light lunch or brunch. To make it your own, play with different combinations of vegetables in the giardinera. Note that this version

Bacon Bourbon Party Mix

Can adjust spices for your family.  Have as part of a tailgating party or just for snacking while watching your favorite show.

Ham & Spinach Galette

This rustic style tart would make a great dish for brunch, lunch, or a light dinner. To vary it, try using cooked sausage instead of the ham, try different kinds of cheese, or add other vegetables, like bell peppers or …

Biscuits & Gravy

Enjoy this new take on an old favorite for breakfast, brunch, or dinner. If you like, experiment with the seasonings in the gravy, using different combinations of herbs and spices to make it your own. The biscuits would also make …